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A Maori Hangi

26 August 2014

When travelling to New Zealand, you’ll notice that the Maori culture is very prevalent throughout the entire country. One of my most memorable experiences of my trip to New Zealand was having an authentic hangi dinner. A hangi is traditional Maori … Continue reading

Why travelling alone takes you further

19 August 2014

This post is written by Linzi Clark. She writes more inspiring travel stories on her personal blog Office Breaks. The holiday season is with us once more bringing with it joy and sorrow in equal measure.  If you’ve ever despaired of your … Continue reading

The Other Wall of China

12 August 2014

The Great Wall of China might be the most famous, but it is certainly not the only defensive wall in China. The city wall in Xian is one that is definitely worth a visit. It’s the only city wall in … Continue reading

Animals of Australia

05 August 2014

Australia’s animal kingdom is so unique and different and it’s one of the many reasons to visit this amazing country. Here are some animal species that you can expect to spot when you travel Down Under. Cuddle a Koala and … Continue reading

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How well do you know the countries of Asia? Test yourself! http://ow.ly/AIXJO

29 August 2014

Find travel inspiration on our Pinterest http://ow.ly/AyRUj

28 August 2014

Amanda, our Trafalgar Insider competition winner from Australia, shows you her T...

28 August 2014


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30 August 2014

What’s so great about the Isle of Skye? http://t.co/sBVGB2DSeK via @Buzzfeed #Travel #Scotland

30 August 2014

Would you like to try a traditional Maori hangi in New Zealand? Find out how: http://t.co/afVtunLTO9 #Travel

30 August 2014

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