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How can you travel responsibly?

22 April 2014

It’s Earth Month! So what better time to talk about sustainable tourism and giving back to the places we love to visit. At Trafalgar, we partner with TreadRight – a not-for-profit organisation that’s all about caring for the places we … Continue reading

Our top guided holiday luggage tips

15 April 2014

You’ve found where in the world you want to go, you’ve booked your Trafalgar trip, and you’ve turned your cupboards inside out to piece together your holiday wardrobe. Now it’s time to decide where you’re going to store all of … Continue reading

New Zealand: Maori culture and customs

08 April 2014

With such beautiful and seemingly untouched landscapes, you’d never guess that New Zealand has been inhabited for more than 1,000 years. Maoris are the indigenous people of New Zealand and they arrived in the country around 1150 A.D. Today, their … Continue reading

Scotland’s Year of Homecoming

01 April 2014

With National Tartan Day in the offing, we thought it was a fitting time to get kilted-up and talk all things Scotland. This compact country in the United Kingdom is crammed with cultural and natural treasures, and you don’t have … Continue reading

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Where would you like to travel in Asia? With such a breadth of culture and tradi...

21 April 2014

Do you have unforgettable images from your Trafalgar trip? Share them with us an...

19 April 2014

It's Earth Month, so we thought we'd let you know more about TreadRight - our fo...

19 April 2014


Wander around Angkor Wat - on Google Street View! http://t.co/XuMbbnOGe3 via @HuffPostTravel #Travel

22 April 2014

From Route 66 to national parks to historical monuments of the #USA, there's so much to see! http://t.co/rD8qIYBDMt #TrafalgarInsider

22 April 2014

RT @MrGads2: @bbushtrafalgar @TrafalgarTalk Ah the grand canal. Remember laughing ourselves silly when getting in the gondola last Septembe…

22 April 2014

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