Packing your suitcase

Make the most of your suitcase space with these helpful packing tips.

  • When packing, lay out the items you intend to take and re-evaluate your list to eliminate any unnecessary or single-use items.
  • Pack chronologically, with items to be worn first on the top. This will make it easier to pull things out of your suitcase and save you time, handy for when you are on the go.
  • Rolling your clothing is the best way to avoid creases and wrinkles and pack everything tightly.
  • Pack toiletries in plastic bags to avoid spillages. Individual containers with more than 100ml of liquids are not permitted to be taken in your carry-on luggage in many airports. They must be placed in your checked-in luggage. Check with your airline or airport for up-to-date security restrictions.
  • Pack rolled socks in shoes to save room.
  • Carry travel documents, medication, jewellery (only take the absolute minimum), money and travellers cheques, and other valuables in a money belt or hand bag.
  • If you are travelling in a couple, consider splitting your things equally between each suitcase - that way if one suitcase is delayed or goes missing you will still have clothes to wear.
  • Put your name, address and telephone numbers inside each piece of luggage and only your name and destination address on the outside. Use covered luggage tags to avoid casual observation of your identity or nationality.
  • Lock your luggage to prevent theft and tampering.