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Travel beyond the expected on an Italian holiday like no other!

Our 17 guided holidays across Italy are filled with authentic local experiences and inclusions with value in mind, allowing you to get the most out of every day on your hassle-free holiday.

Experience 'la dolce vita' in the country that gave rise to Renaissance art, passion for food and exuberant yet effortless style. We'll introduce you to the locals, secrets and stories behind each city and region. Bypass the main queues and step straight from the sun-drenched streets of Rome into the cool calm of the holiest place in the eternal city. Discover the traditions of the fishing villages of Cinque Terre through the eyes of a Local Expert.

Learn to make pasta from the best

From the market to his kitchen, professional chef Libero teaches you how to make handmade ravioli and shares the secrets of Italian cuisine in a cooking lesson. He then invites you to the garden to enjoy the traditional meal you made from scratch, washed down with his handmade wine.

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Take your children to Gladiator School in Rome, Italy with Trafalgar

Gladiator School, Rome

Feel the heavy weight of the sword in your hand as a Gladiator teaches you age-old combat skills at Gladiator training school. Listen to the gruesome history of battles and bloodshed in ancient Rome, imagining the heat of the sun beating down on those who trained before you.

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Explore Florence, Italy like a local with Trafalgar

Italian Discovery

Explore six of Italy's best known cities – Rome, Florence, Bologna, Venice, Milan and Turin - in this regional feast of beauty and culture.

With Insider moments like... sharing a home-cooked meal with the Landi family at the Villa il Leccio, their home for nine generations. Accompanied by a glass or two of Chianti, made right on the premises, they eagerly reveal their family history, and how they transformed a 14th century lookout tower into a buzzing family home and business.

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Walk through the streets of Florence, Italy with Trafalgar

Best of Italy

Cities, lakes and coastlines converge. All points of the compass are covered on this extensive journey into the cuisine, history and landscapes of Italy.

With Insider moments like... the ripple of waves and reflection of the sky, as you speed by private boat towards Isola Madre, a secluded island where young princes used to play. As Signor Telli welcomes you he brings the history of the island to life, and the story behind its nickname 'La Piratera'.

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Discover the beautiful coastline of Northern Italy's Cinque Terre

Northern Italy Including Cinque Terre

Fashion capital Milan gives way to the jagged, sun-drenched coastline of the villages of Cinque Terre, as refined elegance and untamed beauty unite in the contrasts of Northern Italy.

With Insider moments like... the feeling of sunshine and salt spray on your skin and the rich perfume of baking focaccia in the air as you discover the traditions of the fishing villages of Cinque Terre.

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