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Meet Chloe and Richard

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Find out the memorable moments Chloe and Richard recall from their recent Trafalgar holiday in France
and Ireland.

  • ChloeChloe
    • What was your favourite experience?
      My favourite experience was having lunch at Jean-Pierre and Evelyn's vineyard in France; having such beautiful, fresh food with such lovely people. It was just like you would dream a holiday would be - relaxing and picturesque. Jean-Pierre and Evelyn were such wonderful hosts, it was like we were guests in their own home, and as they didn't speak English having Cindy our Travel Director there to interpret meant we really got to learn about their lives. We saw all the locals coming by to pick up their wine and it was a place we would've driven straight past as it was hidden away.

      Tell us about some of your Travel Directors.
      Our Travel Directors have been absolutely fantastic – Cindy, John and Jill were all very different characters. As locals, they had all the information you needed about the area. Importantly, they made you feel comfortable and at home. They had everything organised and were really enthusiastic about the places they were showing you; that enthusiasm rubs off on you. It took the pressure off making decisions about where you were going to go or eat because they've done all that work for you.

      Describe the Trafalgar difference.
      There were certain experiences I was really looking forward to like the Giant's Causeway which were fantastic and very interesting. But there were other things that the Travel Directors were able to show us – the hidden treasures and Be My Guest experiences which I wasn't expecting that made the trip even more special. Like trying on hats at the hat shop in Arles and watching the sweets be broken into a thousand little brandy balls at the Sweet Shop. It's the personal stuff and smaller experiences Trafalgar gives you that I’m going to remember more than some of the other things that I was looking forward to.

  • RichardRichard
    • Describe one of your insider experiences.
      We had a fantastic Travel Director called Jill, who took us to this hidden gem - St. George's market. It's a big place but you could easily walk past it. It was just bustling inside, selling fruit and veg, fish and meat, and what you would expect in a market, along with antiques, books and more. We got to taste some of the produce like soda breads, ginger cake and the Belfast Bap ("bread at affordable prices"). The beautiful and friendly Belfast people added great colour to this experience, and the produce was fresh and tasty.

      What's the Trafalgar difference?
      The reasons why Trafalgar is such a positive experience is that we were taken to places that I would never have looked at or dreamt about if I had my head buried in a book. We were taken into this side alley in Arles where we found this fantastic restaurant influenced by the Spaniards, which I would've missed if I was travelling on my own. I would've gone to the main square, seen the Romanesque ruins, sat down and had a French meal, not knowing there was any connection to Spain. This was something unique given to us by Trafalgar - these little gems that you wouldn't have experienced anywhere else.

      How has Trafalgar compared with your initial perceptions of a guided holiday?
      Trafalgar gives you a complete experience as you have a Travel Director with such great insight and knowledge. They've clearly done their research because they're passionate about it and they've visited these areas and had first-hand experience with them. My fears were quickly put out because when one thinks of a guided tour, one thinks of large groups, terrible food, lots of noise, travelling with your bags all the time and needing another holiday once you've come away from the tour. But this experience was a great break, it was rejuvenating. Would I do it again? For sure!

      How does Trafalgar measure up against other tour operators?
      Most of the tours I've seen have gone to the generic, commercial areas of the city or countryside – the things you’d obviously do. Whereas, we've done the must-see sites and gained so much more from them from our guides but we've gone to all these little hidden places which most people have no idea even exist. And that's what travelling is about – new experiences. You don't want to be with the masses; you want to be finding something that you can identify with that you can remember for a long time. That's the experience you get given with Trafalgar.

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