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Turkey and Eastern Mediterranean

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Travel beyond the expected in Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean with Trafalgar!

Our 10 guided holidays across the Eastern Mediterranean are filled with authentic local experiences and inclusions with value in mind, allowing you to get the most out of every day on your hassle-free holiday.

We'll introduce you to the locals, secrets and stories behind each city and region. The dramatic scenery in Greece, Israel, Egypt and Turkey is met by monuments of ancient civilisations and the firmly held traditions of these countries. Meeting locals takes you beyond the beaches and into the soul of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Travel to Athens, Greece with Trafalgar tours

Taste much more of Greece

"Olives and wine are not just commodities. They represent the spirit of Greece itself", says Mr. Dimitris Karambelas, who you'll meet at this Be My Guest experience at his olive farm and vineyard. It's a feast for the senses as you're shown how olives are olive harvested and participate in the "adventure" of wine, from vine to glass.

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Stay at the Dilek Kaya hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey

Spend the night in a cave-like hotel

Stay in the unique Dilek Kaya Hotel, Cappadocia, it has been beautifully crafted out of rock formations.

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Discover the windmills of Mykonos, Greece

Greek Island Hopper

Mykonos and Santorini are the islands of choice, with three nights on each to soak up the laid-back island lifestyle of two of Greece's favourite hot-spots.

With Insider moments like... Leaving the mainland, the rush of the sea beneath you as you speed toward the blue and white Cycladic architecture of Mykonos. Turquoise water and fine-grained sands call you away from the maze-like streets and cosy tavernas.

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Istanbul at night

Highlights of Turkey

Trojan horses, ancient cities and bustling bazaars are some of the highlights on this exploration of Turkey's coast, which starts and ends in
vibrant Istanbul.

With Insider moments like... smelling the homely aroma of flour which dusts the rustic table and clings to your fingers, as you learn how to make traditional bread with the locals of Demircidere.

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Abu Simbel, Cairo, Egypt

Best of Egypt

A cruise from Luxor to Aswan and horse-drawn buggy at Edfu are just two of the ways your Egyptologist unveils the secrets of an ancient culture, in this in-depth passage into Egypt.

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