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Trafalgar's luxury coaches

The ultimate in coach travel

There’s no better way to travel than on board our luxury motorcoaches. Here’s how we make every journey with Trafalgar hassle free and enjoyable:

• You’ll relax in air-conditioned comfort, with reclining seats, TVs, electrical outlets and an on board restroom.
• Your Travel Director will provide an entertaining insider’s view of the history, culture and geography of the region.
• You’ll learn useful phrases in the local language as well as other handy travel tips.
• You’ll enjoy the panoramic views from your coach’s high vantage point.

With years of experience our professional Coach Drivers have the expertise to provide you with the most relaxing journey. Enjoy door to door service as they take you from your hotel to major sights. Plus, your Travel Director will ensure your luggage is picked up from your room and your Coach Driver will load it on the coach every time.

Trafalgar coaches emit less carbon or greenhouse gas per guest than car travel, so when you travel with us, you know you’re doing your part for the environment.

Some of Trafalgar’s guided holidays also use other modes of transportation such as rail, cruise and plane to get you to your next destination.

Please note: The coach images below are a representation of our coaches only, they will vary depending on the region you travel to.

Coach     Coach Chairs
Trafalgar Coach Children Coach Crazy Horse Mountain


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