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USA & Canada: Your Questions Answered

Discover the lights of New York City on a Trafalgar guided tour of America

Guided holidays to the USA & Canada!

Answers to all your questions about travelling to the USA & Canada!

Q: What are the benefits of taking a guided holiday versus driving on my own? 

A: When you choose guided over independent travel, all of the details are taken care of for you. It is hassle-free and you don’t have to worry about planning your trip as it has all been taken care of by our product team who knows these destinations like the back of their hand. Our relationships with hotels and other vendors allow us to negotiate competitive pricing so you don’t have to pay retail. Plus, with Trafalgar, you get exclusive insider experiences that are designed to truly immerse you in the destinations and show you them like a local.

Q: Where are the most popular USA & Canada holiday destinations?

A: Canada is the most popular destination, both the Eastern & Western provinces. Rockies Panorama with the optional Alaska Cruise is a best-seller. Eastern United States is another destination growing in popularity. Our East Coast USA & Canada holidays offer guests the chance to discover these areas and is a very popular itinerary. National Parks are always in demand as well.

Q: How does Trafalgar offer me more value than putting together my own trip?

A: We offer competitive pricing due to our relationships with hotel brands and other suppliers so you don’t have to pay retail. But the real value is Trafalgar’s Insider Experiences and VIP sightseeing. Travelling with us is like having a trusted friend in every destination you visit. Someone who knows it inside out, shares its secrets and introduces you to local characters. It's these little insights and genuine local moments that create enriching and unexpected memories. Our VIP sightseeing means that you don’t have to wait in lines; you get a front line pass and your Travel Director takes care of all of the ticketing and gets you right in!

Q: What is unique about the Family Experiences holidays?

A: Family Experiences are designed to ensure that you can make the most out of every minute with your family. Activities and features on these holidays are tailored to appeal to family members from all generations with fun for both children and adults alike. Hotel accommodations in most destinations are also equipped for families offering quad occupancy so you can all be together.

Q: I love culinary experiences, what does Trafalgar have for me?

A: If you are a food & wine enthusiast, our Taste of North America itineraries are sure to sate your appetite. Activities and features on these itineraries are more food-focused including experiences such as food tasting tours, wine blending and cooking demonstrations. And our Be My Guest experiences, offered on many itineraries, will be one of your most memorable experiences with Trafalgar. These connect you with the true essence of a destination through exclusive meals giving you a unique opportunity to savour amazing regional food and wine while mingling with local hosts at places like estates, working farms and wineries.

Q: What’s the difference between At Leisure, Regionals and Discovery trips?

A: For those wanting to soak up the atmosphere of a destination just a little longer, At Leisure guided holidays give you more time to savour every part of your North America experience. You’ll explore each fabulous destination over two or three days, truly immersing yourself in the region and, when the time comes to move on, your coach travelling days start no earlier than 9am. If visiting multiple destinations and the iconic sites you’ve always dreamed of seeing is at the top of your list, a Discovery guided holiday is perfect if you’re after an exciting and diverse experience of North America. You’ll get an insider’s perspective of the people and places you encounter that will leave you with lasting memories and a wealth of local knowledge. If you’re looking to delve deeper into the real essence of a particular region, state or province in North and Central America, Regional guided holidays help you get an in-depth understanding of the unique people, places and sights specific to a particular area.

Q: What kind of accommodations are included?

A: Hotels on Trafalgar guided holidays are more than just a place to rest your head. They are part of the experience. Accommodation’s will always be first class or better and feature such exciting experiences as staying inside National Parks and in the heart of big cities. Hotels are always centrally located near all of the action, and in more rural areas, offer amazing scenery. In 2014, Trafalgar is proud to introduce Authentic Accommodations, a brand new Insider Experience! On select itineraries, certain accommodations have been chosen for their unique significance to the local area. These accommodations give an insight into a destination through their remarkable architecture, rich historical background or magnificent location.

Q: What kind of meals are included?

A: A full breakfast is served daily on all Trafalgar holidays ensuring that you start your day energised. Select lunches and dinners are also included featuring the local cuisine of the area you are visiting. On select itineraries, Highlight Lunches and Dinners are featured that not only offer delicious regional fare, but also an exciting venue or added entertainment to enhance the dining experience. Our Be My Guest dining insider experiences are also offered on select itineraries. And, we believe the best way to dine during your holiday is with the locals, so you can truly experience the culture and flavours of each city. For this reason, we have intentionally left some meals open for you to sample the local dining scene yourself and make the most of your free time. This allows each guest to tailor their own dining experience, giving you the chance to choose restaurants and eateries that appeal to your tastes. And your Travel Director will gladly assist you with local dining information offering suggestions to fulfill your cravings!

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