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Ice-skating in London with Trafalgar

Holiday Celebrations Around The World

And so this is Christmas – I hope you have fun, the near and the dear one, the old and the young... As John Lennon so memorably sang, Christmas is a time for celebration, goodwill to others and togetherness. But you don’t have to be Christian or even religious to share in the spirit of celebration.

Every culture around the world celebrates – we just do it in a wide variety of ...

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A Trafalgar love story with Beech and Harky

A Trafalgar Love Story

Flamenco and a fiancé!

I met my fiancé, Brandon Beechly (we go by our nicknames Beech and Harky), through my college roommate. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves chatting over delicious tapas at a Spanish bar, Bolero, on our very first date. Three years later, on a Trafalgar guided holiday to beautiful Spain with my family ...

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