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Autumn, Winter & Spring: Winter Travel Tips

Travel to Zurich and many other destinations this winter with Trafalgar guided tours

Tips for Europe travel in autumn, winter and spring

Everyone thinks summer is the perfect time to travel. But visit Europe during the cooler months, when the crowds have gone and the scenery is transformed, and you’ll soon see why swapping that lemon gelato for a steamy Tuscan soup is every bit as rewarding.

Travel to Europe with Trafalgar during autumn, winter and spring and there’ll be no shivering in queues for Europe’s sightseeing attractions or hunting for a heated restaurant – we plan everything perfectly so all you need to do is pack your bags and enjoy! Read up on these tips for staying happy, healthy and warm on your Europe holiday, and leave the rest to us.

Let it snow!

You probably already know the mantra for dressing in the cooler months; layers, layers, layers. But what else can we do to stay warm as toast on a stroll through Germany’s Christmas markets?

Don’t forget your hat and scarf: A hat is essential for winter travel to Europe. When it’s really cold, it’s all about keeping your precious body heat from escaping, and the secret is covering your head. Thankfully, the sky’s the limit when it comes to chic European headwear! Easily slipped into a day bag, a scarf keeps your neck toasty, doubles as a blanket or shawl and is perfect for adding a pop of colour to your outfit, just as the stylish locals do. You’ll find a huge variety at shops and markets all over Europe.

Cross-shoulder bags: A bag with a strap across the body or a small backpack is not only great for travel; it allows you to burry your hands in your pockets or warm them on a cup of mulled wine as you stroll along Paris’

Handy loose change: Speaking of mulled wine, a hot drink might be just what you need to warm up on a sightseeing tour or excursion outdoors. Keep some change handy to grab a hot chocolate, tea or cappuccino when you’re out and about for a warming energy boost.

Protect your skin: The wind, rain, sun and snow can all take their toll. To help protect your skin from Europe’s winter weather, moisturise your face and body to prevent dryness and flaking, use a lip balm to avoid pesky chapped lips from the wind and don’t forget the sunscreen! A tub of Vaseline or pawpaw cream will go a long way in treating dry, sore or chapped skin.

Be positive! Autumn, winter and spring are magical times to visit Europe. But if the cooler weather starts to dampen your spirits, stay positive by wrapping up warm, admiring your surroundings, chatting with new friends and indulging in the wonderful festive treats on offer. That hot apple strudel may not bring the sunshine back, but it will definitely brighten your mood!

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