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Wishlist and Trip Comparison

What is a Wishlist?

Our Wishlist feature allows you to create a personal list of your 10 favourite Trafalgar holidays. You can also share your Wishlist with your friends and family via email.

How do I create and add trips to my Wishlist?

As a member of our Community, you’ll be able to create a Wishlist of your favourite Trafalgar holidays.

1. Log in to Community (If you are not already a member, you will need to create an account).
2. Select My Wishlist on the left profile menu.
3. Click Search.
4. Enter a search term (or several) within the designated fields.
5. Click Search.
6. When you have selected your favorite trip, click Add To My Wishlist, located on the right side of the itinerary information box.
7. You can continue searching for more desired holidays until you have selected up to 10.

To view your selected holidays at any time, click on Wishlist located within the top menu. You can then share your Wishlist holidays via email to others by clicking Share My Wishlist, located in the Wishlist menu.

How many holidays can I add to My Wishlist?

You can add up to 10 holidays to your Wishlist.

How do I remove an itinerary from My Wishlist?

Within your Wishlist, select the itinerary you would like to remove by checking the box next to the title of the itinerary. Click Remove From Wishlist, and the itinerary will be deleted.

How do I view My Wishlist?

To view your Wishlist, you must be logged in to the Community. Click Wishlist located on the menu on the left, or located on the top page menu.

How can I share My Wishlist with my friends?

Once you have completed your Wishlist (see 'How do I create and add trips to My Wishlist?' above) you can share it with others as follows:

1. Click Wishlist, located on the top page menu.
2. Check the boxes next to the trips you would like to share.
3. Click Share With Friends.
4. Enter the fields provided. You can share your Wishlist with up to three friends, and include a personal message.
5. Click Submit.

An email will then be sent to your nominated friends, informing them of your Wishlist of Trafalgar holidays containing links that will allow them to view the ones you have selected.

Can I create more than one Wishlist?

Unfortunately, you can only create one Wishlist per Community account.

What is the Trip Comparison feature? How do I compare holidays from my Wishlist?

You can compare up to three holidays from your Wishlist. The Comparison feature will show your selected trip's features and details such as price, duration, highlights and Optional Excursions. To see a side by side comparison of three holidays:

1. Open your Wishlist, located on the top page menu.
2. Check the box next to the trips you would like to compare.
3. Click Trip Comparison.

The holidays you have selected will then be displayed side by side allowing you to view the features and inclusions of each.

What are 'Trips Inspired by Your Wishlist'?

Trips inspired by your Wishlist are a selection of six holidays that may be of interest to you, based on your previously selected holidays. Once you have selected trips in your Wishlist, you can also use our Comparison feature to view your ideal trips side by side, making it even easier to see which holidays is right for you.

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