Why book your Trafalgar trip in your own country:

Your travel documentation – if you book your Trafalgar trip in a country outside of your own the travel documentation that you receive will be from that country, not yours. This might mean you receive different travel dates and timings on your itinerary to other customers in your country.

Changes to your booking - if you book your Trafalgar trip in another country, you will not be able to make changes or update your booking information in your country.

Different time zones – if you book your trip with Trafalgar in your country, you will correspond with Trafalgar in the same time zone allowing efficient turnaround on requests versus waiting up to 24 hours for each change response from overseas.

Travel insurance & visa applications – purchasing your trip in a different country / currency may have implications on how you can apply for travel insurance and visa applications to certain countries.

Crisis management – in the event that there is a crisis that impacts your travel plans, or if you need assistance in a time of crisis during your travel, it may not always to possible to contact you/your family if you have booked your trip in a difference country.

Access to great air deals – if you book your Trafalgar trip in another country you won’t be eligible to book great Trafalgar air deals on sale / and travelling from your own country.

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