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  1. Select a trip below.
  2. Take note of the promotional code.
  3. Choose a booking option.
  4. Enter the promotional code into your trip enquiry or tell your travel agent.
Last Minute Deals Looking for a great deal on a last-minute holiday to Europe or North America?

Discover our incredible, limited-time savings across a selection of our most popular itineraries. All Last Minute Deals below are Definite Departures.

Space is limited on each departure and these deals won't last – book now!

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Europe and Britain

Trip Departs Duration Was Now Promo Code
Take note of this Promo Code in order to book a Last Minute Deal.

If you are booking through your travel agent, inform them of the Promo Code to secure the Last Minute Deal price when they process your booking on your behalf.
European Accent 2014 Sep 17 14 days R27000 R22950 PPLMD2395 Quote Book Now
Contrasts of Europe 2014 Sep 14 15 days R47400 R40290 PPLMD2401 Quote Book Now
Best of Germany and Austria 2014 Sep 14 13 days R34350 R29198 PPLMD2407 Quote Book Now
Contrasts of Switzerland 2014 Sep 21 8 days R31900 R27115 PPLMD2413 Quote Book Now
Wonders of St Petersburg and Moscow 2014 Sep 21 8 days R23650 R20102 PPLMD2422 Quote Book Now
European Supreme 2014 Sep 18 29 days R73950 R62858 PPLMD2427 Quote Book Now
European Supreme with Eurostar 2014 Sep 18 30 days R78745 R66933 PPLMD2428 Quote Book Now
Britain and Ireland Panorama 2014 Sep 22 16 days R34600 R29410 PPLMD2441 Quote Book Now
Swiss Delight 2014 2015 Oct 11 7 days R19550 R17595 PPLMD2442 Quote Book Now
Sound of Music 2014 Sep 26 10 days R26000 R22100 PPLMD2445 Quote Book Now
European Highlights 2014 Sep 29 7 days R21000 R17850 PPLMD2446 Quote Book Now
Northern Italy Including Cinque Terre 2014 Sep 26 9 days R22250 R18912 PPLMD2447 Quote Book Now
Best of Devon and Cornwall 2014 Sep 23 6 days R12900 R10965 PPLMD2448 Quote Book Now
Amazing Britain 2014 Oct 04 8 days R18200 R15470 PPLMD2450 Quote Book Now
Britain and Ireland Grandeur 2014 Oct 11 20 days R41900 R35615 PPLMD2451 Quote Book Now
Castles and Kilts 2014 Sep 25 10 days R25300 R21505 PPLMD2452 Quote Book Now
European Impressions 2014 Sep 14 15 days R27950 R23758 PPLMD2453 Quote Book Now
Best of Germany 2014 Sep 29 12 days R31700 R26945 PPLMD2454 Quote Book Now
Paris and Provence 2014 Sep 25 11 days R34700 R29495 PPLMD2455 Quote Book Now
Italian Concerto 2014 Sep 18 11 days R33350 R28348 PPLMD2456 Quote Book Now
Italy Bellissimo 2014 Sep 25 11 days R33450 R28432 PPLMD2457 Quote Request
Wonders of Britain and Ireland 2014 Oct 05 12 days R27750 R23588 PPLMD2458 Quote Book Now
Highlights of Eastern Europe 2014 Oct 03 17 days R36700 R31195 PPLMD2459 Quote Book Now
European Cavalcade 2014 Oct 08 18 days R32900 R27965 PPLMD2460 Quote Book Now
European Experience 2014 Sep 23 12 days R24500 R20825 PPLMD2462 Quote Book Now
European Adventures 2014 Oct 05 13 days R23500 R19975 PPLMD2464 Quote Book Now
Highlights of Bohemia 2014 Sep 27 15 days R22100 R18785 PPLMD2466 Quote Book Now
Best of Spain 2014 Sep 26 15 days R32950 R28008 PPLMD2468 Quote Book Now
Great Italian Cities 2014 Sep 19 10 days R31850 R27072 PPLMD2469 Quote Book Now

Conditions: Subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Prices above are per person, based on double occupancy and are in South African Rand for above departure dates only. Deals are not combinable with Early Payment Discounts or any other promotional offers. Full payment due at time of booking. These deals are only available to travellers departing from South Africa.

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