Holiday in Bath – Your guide to Bath, England


What to eat in Bath?

Bath developed many specialty dishes thanks to the huge number of visitors to the city seeking the healing powers of its hot springs. These local favourites are centuries old and still enjoyed today.

  1. Bath Chaps: Made from a pig’s cheek or lower jaw, salted and smoked then boiled and coated with breadcrumbs and eaten cold. Buy modern versions of the traditional Bath Chap from butchers in town.
  2. The Bath Oliver biscuit: Dr Oliver, the founder of the Mineral Water Hospital, invented a dry biscuit made with flour, water, yeast and milk, and particularly tasty when eaten with the local cheeses.
  3. Bath Bun: Another dish attributed to Dr Oliver is the Bath Bun, made of a yeast dough coloured with saffron and sprinkled with currants, and best enjoyed with your morning coffee.
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