Holiday in Chester – Your guide to Chester, England


What to eat in Chester?

There are plenty of specialty dishes and delicacies to enjoy in the northwest region of England. Be sure to sample these local foods on your visit to Chester.

  1. Chester pudding: Made with breadcrumbs, suet and blackberry jam, this simple and filling pudding was a staple in the diets of Cheshire locals, as it was cheap and filling.
  2. Cheshire pork pie: Made since the mid-18th century, the original Cheshire pork pie used cuts of pork loin flavoured with nutmeg and pepper and sweetened with sugar, followed by generous doses of white wine and butter and cooked in pastry.
  3. Cheshire cheese: Britain’s oldest known cheese, with an intense, salty flavour due to the 8-week maturing process.
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