Holiday in Chester – Your guide to Chester, England

The Rows along East Gate, Chester, England

Upon the River Dee in Cheshire the old city of Chester resides, surrounded by ancient city walls and hiding picturesque black and white Tudor Rows and bottle green canals. The crumbly, classic structures of Chester are subtle reminders of a lingering history, which can all be understood on a Chester tour. Visit some of the Chester’s attractions such as the Water Tower, Chester Castle, Gothic cathedral, Eastgate Clock, Grosvenor Museum and the County Hall.

Things to do in Chester, England

Romans founded Chester around 70 AD and built an amphitheater in the 1st century, which is the largest known military amphitheater in Britain. You can see the foundations of the amphitheater on your Chester vacation and further Roman relics inside the Roman Gardens. Much later, in the 18th century, Chester played a sizeable role in the Industrial Revolution in Britain with its two vast railway stations and cattle market. Look out for ornate Victorian architecture such as Grosvenor Bridge, Hotel and Park; Grosvenor being the Duke of Westminster’s family name, who owned much of Chester’s land.

Perhaps the most recognisable features in the whole of Chester are the streets containing the famous Rows; made up of traditional black and white buildings with ornate half-timber exteriors. Visitors to the Rows can enjoy the shopping opportunities the streets offer whilst simultaneously taking the time to appreciate these marvels of historical engineering.

The more unusual historical attractions in Chester are the city walls, which encircle two miles of the medieval city. Walk the footpath on top of the walls, passing various interesting sites such as the Phoenix Tower, Morgan’s Mount, the Goblin Tower and Thimbleby’s Tower for a real tour of the city of antiquity.

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