Holiday in London – Your guide to London, England


Regional Information

Population: 8,173,900
Language: English
Currency: Pound Sterling
Time Zone: UTC/GMT +0 hours during Standard Time
UTC/GMT +1 hour during Daylight Saving Time


Summer in London can be very pleasant with temperatures averaging 18°C (64°F). There are usually about 7 days above 30°C (86°F) per year. Spring and autumn bring temperatures of around 11°C to 15°C (52°F to 59°F). Evenings are lighter for longer with the advent of British Summer Time at the end of March (until end October). London winters are cold, with typical temperatures between 2°C and 6°C (36°F and 43°F), but seldom falling below freezing. Rainfall is common, with between 11 and 15 rainy days every month. Overall rainfall is highest in November and August and is lowest in March and April.

Fascinating Facts

  1. People have lived in London for more than 5000 years, but it was when Romans arrived nearly 2000 years ago after their invasion of Britain in AD 43, that it was named Londinium.
  2. Romans ruled until Saxons and Vikings invaded later in the 5th century, but London really expanded during Tudor and Stuart times, when London became a centre of trade and government.
  3. London is the world's foremost global city and largest financial centre alongside New York City. Along with New York and Tokyo it is one of the most important cultural centres of the world.
  4. Some famous Londoners include sportsman David Beckham, film-director Alfred Hitchcock, actor Charlie Chapman and scientist Michael Faraday.
  5. The Thames River is the oldest place name in Britain.
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