Holiday in Stonehenge – Your guide to Stonehenge, England


Regional Information

Population: -
Language: English
Currency: Pound Sterling
Time Zone: UTC/GMT +0 hours during Standard Time
UTC/GMT +1 hour during Daylight Saving Time


At the top of Salisbury Plain, Stonehenge is exposed to winds sweeping across the Plain and can be very cold. Summer is a pleasant time to visit, but be sure to dress warmly if you are visiting any other time.

Fascinating Facts

  1. Stonehenge was built between 3100 – 1100 BCE.
  2. Stonehenge is considered a flawless design from a geometrical and mathematical perspective. Its design was extremely precise and ahead of its time; marking the alignment of the moon and the sun and seasonal periods.
  3. Two types of stones were used in its construction. The Bluestones, weighing up to 4 tonnes and brought from 240 miles away, and the Sarsen stones, averaging 18 feet in height and 25 tonnes in weight.
  4. Construction took an estimated 30 million hours of labour.
  5. Stonehenge is shrouded in mystery, with only speculation and theories to explain its construction and purpose.
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