Holiday in Stonehenge – Your guide to Stonehenge, England

The mysterious ancient Stonehenge in England

Stonehenge remains one of England’s most important prehistoric monuments and is among the most famous tourist attractions in the world. Over 5000 years old, mystery still surrounds this incredible sight as its construction predates written records; the techniques that were used to complete it still cannot be agreed upon.

Things to do in Stonehenge, England

A visit to the mysterious ancient site of Stonehenge is a must. Today, there are visitor restrictions due to the fragile nature of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, but viewing it from a distance or walking the perimeter of the site allows you to appreciate the real majesty.

No one knows why Stonehenge was constructed. Theories relate it to the Summer Solstice and religious rites, but it is believed that the site was then abandoned for up to 1000 years before the appearance of the Bluestones that marked the beginning of the second stage in around 2150BC. 82 of these enormous stones were somehow transported from South Wales to the current site, despite the fact that some weighed 4 tonnes. These were later joined by the Sarsen stones from Wiltshire, the largest of which weighs an incredible 50 tonnes. The familiar horseshoe and circle shape visible today was not finalised until 500 years later.

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