Holiday in Bordeaux – Your guide to Bordeaux, France


Regional Information

Population: 1,105,000 (2012)
Language: French
Currency: Euro
Time Zone: UTC/GMT +1 hour


The weather in Bordeaux is temperate year-round. The city enjoys an oceanic climate, with long, warm summers and mild winters due to its proximity to the Atlantic ocean. Summer is from June to September with temperatures averaging 17°C (63°F). Winter, from November to March, brings average temperatures of around 2°C (36°F). Autumn is the wettest time of year.

Fascinating Facts

  1. Bordeoux enjoys optimum environmental conditions for growing vines, including a calcium-heavy soil structure and an oceanic climate.
  2. Bordeaux produces approx. 70 million cases of wine each vintage.
  3. During Roman times, Bordeaux became an important trading centre of lead and tin.
  4. Bordeaux is the fifth-largest city in France.
  5. The majority of wines produced in Bordeaux are of the red variety.
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