Holiday in Bordeaux – Your guide to Bordeaux, France


What to eat in Bordeaux?

Although famous for Bordeaux wines, the region offers plenty of fine cuisine and food specialties to match.

  1. Entrecôte marchand de vin: World famous dish of rib steak cooked in a rich gravy made from Bordeaux wine, butter, shallots, herbs and bone marrow.
  2. Cannelés Bordelais: The traditional Bordeaux specialty cake. Canneles are chewy and sweet, much like a caramelised brioche.
  3. Sauce Bordelaise: Of all the local specialties, the most renowned is Sauce Bordelaise, made with red wine, marrow-based stock, shallots, and seasonings.
  4. Lamproie a la Bordelaise: Eel braised in red wine, often with carrots, leeks and herbs.
  5. Oysters: Be sure to taste outstanding oysters in Bordeaux, harvested from the Bay of Arachon and traditionally served with hot sausage.
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