Holiday in Cologne – Your guide to Cologne, Germany


What to eat in Cologne?

There is a great range of food in Cologne with a fabulous smattering of lively restaurants, bars and cafes where you can sample authentic German dishes alongside the locals. Be sure to indulge in these Cologne specialities:

  1. Halver Hahn: This tasty snack is deceptively named, as ‘halver hahn’ literally means half a chicken even though there isn’t a skerrick of chicken in this dish. It consists of a buttered rye roll, halved and topped with Gouda cheese, served with pickles and onions.
  2. Pfälzer Saumagen: Made from minced veal, diced potato and various other vegetables mixed with herbs and spices such as marjoram, nutmeg and pepper, this is possibly one of the mildest German sausages and a good start for German cuisine beginners.
  3. Flönz: For the more adventurous foodie, Flönz is fried black pudding (or blood sausage) usually served with mashed potatoes, apple sauce and fried onions. It tastes a lot better than it sounds and makes a great pub meal.
  4. Reibekuchen: These fried potato cakes are served with a variety of sweet or savoury toppings, with the most popular being apple sauce or smoked salmon with horseradish cream. You’ll find them at street stalls all over Cologne.
  5. Hämchen: If you’ve worked up an appetite from all that Cologne sightseeing, maybe order the Hämchen or pigs leg on the bone. It can be a bit of a monster with serving sizes between 600 and 1400 grams (1.3 and 3 pounds) but tastes delicious.
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