Holiday in Cologne – Your guide to Cologne, Germany


What to see in Cologne?

  1. Cologne Cathedral: The most iconic building in the city and the most visited German landmark, the stunning Cologne Cathedral is a must-see on any German vacation.
  2. Romanic churches: The history of Cologne is played out through the 12 Romanic churches within the city. Each one tells a story of the long Roman occupation of Cologne and is charming in its own unique way.
  3. Old Town: Faithfully restored terrace houses and the fabulous Renaissance Town Hall make Cologne’s Old Town a lovely spot for leisurely sightseeing in Cologne.
  4. Cologne Carnival Museum: If your Cologne holiday doesn’t line up with the city’s carnival season, you can still learn all about its traditions and heritage at the Cologne Carnival Museum.
  5. Museum Ludwig: If you like modern art, the Museum Ludwig is for you. Its collection includes Pop Art, Abstract and Surrealism featuring works by Andy Warhol and one of the largest Picasso collections in Europe.
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