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What to eat in Frankfurt?

Home of the famous ‘frankfurt’ sausage, Frankfurt’s food is often described as soul food because it is hearty and full of flavour. Potatoes are a staple food of Frankfurt because they are grown locally so most main dishes come with a side of potato salad or mash.

  1. Frankfurter Würstchen: We’re all familiar with Frankfurt’s signature sausage but they taste even more delicious at the source. These long, thin sausages made from pork with a lightly smoked flavour are traditionally served with bread, mustard, horseradish or potato salad.
  2. Apfelwein: or apple wine is a delicious alcoholic beverage with an acidic taste and fruity aroma kind of like cider but better. It can be enjoyed pure, mixed with sparkling water or warmed up with cinnamon and sugar.
  3. Rippchen mit Kraut: This very traditional dish tastes fantastic with a glass of local beer. Consisting of cured pork cutlets, slowly heated in meat broth and served with sauerkraut, mashed potato and yellow mustard it’s comfort food with a punch.
  4. Grüne Sosse: or green sauce, is a mixture of seven specific herbs, egg, oil, vinegar and salt. It’s served cold with boiled eggs and potatoes and will leave you wanting more.
  5. Bethmännchen: These small round cookies made with marzipan, egg whites and decorated with three almond halves. Bethmännchen are a Christmas treat but you can still occasionally find them during the year and if you do, they are well worth a try!
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