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What to eat in Munich?

Food in Munich, much like all Bavarian cuisine is based on turning simple ingredients into tasty regional dishes. Some Munich food specialities include:

  1. Weisswurst: The most important of Munich’s regional dishes is the white sausage, Weisswurst. There are many ‘rules’ associated with the eating of this sausage such as only eating it with your hands (never with a knife and fork) and only dipping it in sweet mustard.
  2. Semmelknödel: Tennis ball-sized dumplings made with bread, eggs, onions, milk and various other seasonings. Often served with a pork roast or floating in a meat soup.
  3. Kartoffelsalat: or Potato Salad, is a popular side dish in Bavaria as it goes well with a variety of meats. There is no one typical recipe and a number of variations of the salad are served.
  4. Frikadellen: Slightly flattened meat dumplings made from ground beef, pork or a combination of the two – they can be eaten hot or cold and are usually served with side dishes of potato salad and green salad.
  5. Apfelstrudel: or Apple Strudel, is a speciality of both Austria and Bavaria that is well-known around the world. But there’s nothing like tasting this delight of layered pastry with apple and raisin filling at its original source.
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