Holiday in Mykonos – Your guide to Mykonos, Greece


What to eat in Mykonos?

Fresh seasonal ingredients grown locally for hundreds of years form the basis of most traditional food in Mykonos. Fish, pork, goats milk, onions and wild herbs are staples that feature in many of these authentic Mykonos foods:

  1. Louza: There are many types of salami produced in Greece but the Louza is the traditional salami of Mykonos, which has a unique blend of spices and curing process. It is served in thin slices and is a popular meze or appetiser.
  2. Kopanisti: Containing a mix of goat and cow milk, this hand-shaped cheese has a soft texture and a sharp bite. Traditionally served as a meze it is perfectly accompanied by a glass of Ouzo.
  3. Achinoi: Sea urchins fresh from the sea, served in olive oil and vinegar, this dish is perfect on a hot summer afternoon by the sea.
  4. Choirino me lachana: This hearty local specialty is a type of stew containing pork and cabbage. Other vegetables are sometimes added but traditionally the simple stew is served with bread.
  5. Amigthalota: Often eaten at celebratory events such as weddings and baptisms, this sweet almond pastry comes in either a flat round cookie shape or the more traditional teardrop shape and is covered in powdered sugar.
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