Holiday in Mykonos – Your guide to Mykonos, Greece


What to buy in Mykonos?

Mykokos is a shopping mecca with a great range of sophisticated and authentic boutiques throughout the town. Don’t expect any large department stores though, shopping in Mykonos is still based around open-air districts where people can wander from store to store, perhaps stopping at a café along the way.

Matoyianni Street and the surrounding alleyways are where you’ll find most of the famous designer boutiques, art galleries and shops run by the local community of artists selling original works. Jewellery is also a popular purchase on Mykonos due to the quality of silver and gold and the expert craftsmanship.

Most Mykonos shops are open seven days and often until very late in the evening, however they close during the heat of the day from 2pm to 5pm.

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