Holiday in Olympia – Your guide to Olympia, Greece


What to see in Olympia?

  1. Temple of Hera: The oldest known structure in the ancient Olympia complex, the Temple of Hera is where the Olympic flame is ignited every four years.
  2. Temple of Zeus: It may be in ruins now but you can get a real sense for the size and scale of this magnificent temple by the huge remnants of its columns scattered around the site.
  3. Ancient Stadium: Visit the site where the action of the ancient Olympic Games took place. See the tunnel through which competitors entered the field and the raised hillside where up to 45,000 people would gather to cheer on their favourite athletes.
  4. Olympia town: Explore local handcrafts or stop for a refreshing drink in the charming modern town of Olympia, just a short walk from the ancient Altis complex.
  5. Archaeological Museum: Get a deeper understanding of all the magnificent ancient sites of Olympia by exploring the vast collection of relics and artistic interpretations of what ancient Olympia would have looked like.
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