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What to eat in Rhodes?

Similar to tapas in Spain, mezethes are small dishes made for grazing with family or friends over a drink or two and are an important part of food in Rhodes. Of course great main course meals are available in most Rhodes restaurants but to eat traditionally as the locals do, order a selection of mezethes and a glass of something cool while relaxing on a shady terrace:

  1. Pitaroudia: The most famous dish associated with Rhodes, the Pitaroudia is a fritter of chickpeas, onions and herbs that is served as a meze and usually accompanied by tzatziki dip.
  2. Dolmades: This delicious meze dish is made by rolling rice and herbs (and sometimes minced meat) in marinated vine leaves. It is traditionally served smothered with a creamy lemon sauce or a small compliment of yoghurt for dipping.
  3. Saganaki: Named after the small two-handled pan in which it is cooked, saganaki is a popular meze made from kefalotyri or graviera cheese, rolled in flour and cooked in olive oil then served with lemon.
  4. Garides me Feta: Usually served in an earthenware dish called a youvetsi, this tasty meze comprises prawns in a light tomato and wine sauce baked with feta cheese on top.
  5. Ouzo: This clear aniseed flavoured aperitif is the traditional drink of choice when eating meze in Rhodes. Many recipes, such as Saganaki, have been designed to compliment the liquor perfectly.
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