Holiday in Blarney – Your guide to Blarney, Ireland


Regional Information

Population: 2,000
Language: English and Irish Gaelic
Currency: Euro
Time Zone: GMT


The weather in Blarney is relatively mild all year round, so you can expect warm summers (June – August) and cool winters (December – February). Temperatures average around 17 - 20°C (62 - 68°F) during the day in summer and evening temperatures rarely drop below 10°C (50°F). In winter, daytime temperatures are pleasant at around 7 - 9°C (44 - 48°F) and nights are an average of 3 - 4°C (37 - 39°F). An umbrella is a travel essential on any Irish holiday and Blarney receives steady rainfall throughout the year, however, showers are fairly infrequent and tend to pass quickly.

Fascinating Facts

  1. The name Blarney comes from the Irish Bhlarna, meaning ‘the little field’.
  2. Blarney has an Irish language primary school catering for approximately 120 students.
  3. Blarney is one of Ireland’s last remaining estate villages, meaning it was built by the Blarney Castle landlord to provide housing for its workers.
  4. Thanks to the legend of the Blarney Stone, the word ‘blarney’ is often used in common speech to describe overly flattering or nonsense talk: “he’s talking a lot of blarney”.
  5. The grounds of Blarney Castle contain a dolmen, which is a marker of a prehistoric grave, proving that this area has been inhabited for thousands of years.
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