Holiday in Blarney – Your guide to Blarney, Ireland


What to eat in Blarney?

Traditional Blarney food features ingredients that have been locally produced for centuries including lamb, beef, pork and of course, potato. Cuisine in this region proves the ‘keep it simple’ rule with basic ingredients used to create delicious and authentic Irish dishes such as:

  1. Spiced beef: This tasty way of cooking beef involves broiling or steaming a cured joint of silverside or rump in Guinness before roasting it for a period.
  2. Potato farl: Sometimes called potato bread, farl is a little like a pancake made from mashed potato that is delicious as an accompaniment to hearty Irish stews.
  3. Hunter’s Pie: A base of succulent lamb chops and vegetables, topped with mashed potato and baked till crispy make Hunter’s Pie the ultimate in comfort food and an Irish favourite that has inspired versions around the world.
  4. Pea and ham soup: Just perfect on a winter’s day, a traditional pea and ham soup should be thick, not watery, and have a slightly salty taste due to chunks of smoked ham.
  5. Whiskey Cake: This light and sweet fruitcake may be made with a small dram of whiskey but the flavour is not overpowering. Try some with a strong cup of tea for a perfect afternoon snack.
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