Holiday in Killarney – Your guide to Killarney, Ireland


Regional Information

Population: 12,700
Language: English and Irish Gaelic
Currency: Euro
Time Zone: GMT


Because of its position nestled between mountain ranges, Killarney’s weather is quite moderate all year round with mild summers and cool winters. Killarney’s lush natural landscape is due to fairly constant rainfall throughout the year but the wettest months are between October and February. In summer, temperatures generally sit around 17 - 20°C (62 - 68°F) during the day with lots of sunshine and night time temperatures drop to about 10 - 12°C (50 - 53°F). Winter temperatures rarely dip below 2 - 3°C (35 - 37°F) at night and during the day average about 8 - 9°C (46 - 48°F).

Fascinating Facts

  1. Killarney comes from the Irish Cill Airne, meaning ‘church of sloes’.
  2. In 2011 Killarney was named Ireland’s tidiest town.
  3. The Killarney Regatta is Ireland’s oldest surviving regatta and is held annually on the first or second Sunday in July.
  4. With the exception of Dublin, there are more hotel beds in Killarney than any other Irish town or city.
  5. The Irish Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism is based in Killarney.
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