Holiday in Limerick – Your guide to Limerick, Ireland


Regional Information

Population: 57,000
Language: English and Irish Gaelic
Currency: Euro
Time Zone: GMT


There is rarely any extreme weather in Limerick, Ireland with moderate temperatures and regular rainfall all year round. Summers (June – August) are pleasant, with an average of six hours of sunshine a day and temperatures of between 12 - 20°C. (53 - 68°F) Winters (December – February) are mild, with temperatures rarely reaching below 0°C (32°F) and on average ranging between 2 - 9°C (35 - 48°F). December is the wettest month, with an average of 111mm (4.4 inches) rainfall, however be prepared for a light shower even during the summer months.

Fascinating Facts

  1. The Shannon River that cuts through Limerick is the longest river in Ireland.
  2. The Irish name for Limerick is Luimneach, meaning ‘barren spot of land’.
  3. The town of Limerick has nothing to do with the type of five-line poem that bears its name!
  4. Limerick is known as Ireland’s sporting capital and was awarded the coveted title of European City of Sport in 2011.
  5. The Frank McCourt Museum is housed in the schoolroom where the famous Limerick author received his early education.
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