Holiday in Limerick – Your guide to Limerick, Ireland


What to eat in Limerick?

Limerick’s food features lots of traditional Irish dishes that incorporate ingredients such as potatoes, cabbage and egg, which are all produced in the local area. Limerick is also famous for its pork and Queen Victoria is said to have imported bacon from the area. Some of the must-try dishes in Limerick include:

  1. Limerick Ham: This family favourite served all year round but particularly at Christmas, involves slowly simmering a cured leg of ham in cider until it is sweet and tender.
  2. Colcannon: A traditional accompaniment to ham or bacon, Colcannon is silky mashed potatoes combined with cabbage and spring onions.
  3. Fried bread: While mostly served as part of a full breakfast, this crispy treat is sometimes served as an accompaniment to stews or other dishes with sauce.
  4. Packet & Tripe: A dish of traditional black pudding called Drisheen mixed with diced tripe then cooked in milk and onions to make a hearty and flavoursome stew.
  5. Goody: This dessert made by boiling bread in milk with sugar and spices is the ultimate in comfort food and will leave you wanting more.
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