Holiday in Waterford – Your guide to Waterford, Ireland


Regional Information

Population: 50,000
Language: English and Irish Gaelic
Currency: Euro
Time Zone: GMT


Weather in Waterford is fairly mild with steady rainfall all year round. The hottest months of the year are between June and August with average daily temperatures of 18 - 22°C (64 - 71°F) and the cooler months are December to February with daytime highs of 8 - 9°C (46 - 48°F) and lows of approximately 3°C (37°F). The area surrounding Waterford is often referred to as the ‘Sunny Southwest’ and May and June are the sunniest months with an average six hours of sunlight every day.

Fascinating Facts

  1. Until the 1750s, Waterford was the second largest and most important city in Ireland.
  2. The modern method of curing bacon was developed in Waterford.
  3. Ireland’s tri-colour flag was created by Waterford man, Thomas Francis Meagher.
  4. Waterford’s River Suir Bridge is the longest single-span bridge in Ireland.
  5. The phrase ‘by hook or by crook’ is said to have originated when Oliver Cromwell attempted to seize the town of Waterford via the nearby towns of Hook or Crook.
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