Holiday in Waterford – Your guide to Waterford, Ireland


What to eat in Waterford?

There is a diverse range of food in Waterford to choose from but for a really authentic taste of this region you can’t go past pork, in any shape or form. The bacon ‘rasher’ was invented in Waterford by Henry Denny, who developed and patented several production techniques that continue to this day. Some local favourite Waterford dishes include:

  1. Blaa: A soft and floury bread roll typical of Waterford that is eaten mainly at breakfast time but also sometimes during the day with popular fillings such as rasher bacon, cheese, onion or ham.
  2. Skirts and Kidneys: This traditional Irish stew is made from various cuts of pork including the kidneys and trimmings from the inside of the ribs and backbone (skirts). It also contains combinations of onion, thyme, salt, white pepper and potatoes.
  3. White pudding: A sausage of pork meat, suet, oatmeal and spices that is delicious cooked whole or cut into slices and fried or grilled. White pudding is also a common addition to a full Irish breakfast in Waterford.
  4. Crubeens: Boiled pigs feet traditionally eaten by hand, this tasty delicacy has a flavour a little like bacon and is a great way to try something different during your Irish holiday.
  5. Barmbrack: Often shortened to ‘brack’ these tasty little bread rolls containing sultanas and raisins are a perfect afternoon snack with a little butter and a cup of tea.
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