Holiday in Florence – Your guide to Florence, Italy


What to eat in Florence?

Florentine food is famously simple, but delicious. Along with tasting authentic Italian cooking staples like olive oil, tomatoes and cheeses, be sure to try the best of Tuscan cuisine.

  1. Bistecca Fiorentina: A ‘Florentine steak’ is a thick t-bone steak grilled until rare and best served alone, without sauce or even lemon. The meat is so tasty it needs nothing added to it; you need only savour the natural taste.
  2. Pane Toscano: an unsalted flat and chewy loaf of bread; a favourite accompaniment to many Italian recipes.
  3. Truffle Panini: A finger sandwich with incredibly delicious truffle oil sauce is must-try and surprisingly cheap.
  4. Ribollita: A classic cabbage and bean soup with a healthy infusion of stale Tuscan bread, re-boiled before serving to enhance the flavour.
  5. Bongo: Chocolate profiteroles; a Florentine recipe served in
    many restaurants.
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