Holiday in Naples – Your guide to Naples, Italy

Walk through the ruins at Pompei, Italy

Naples is a whirlwind of energy; so different from the rest of Italy yet buzzing with classic Italian sights, food and history. The city makes the perfect base for travelling into the Bay of Naples and the rest of Campania too, such as Pompeii, the ancient city preserved in the lava of Mount Vesuvius for 2000 years, so a visit to Naples is
a must.

Things to do in Naples, Italy

As the third most populated Italian city, Naples is thriving with tradition and culture. On a holiday in Naples you’ll see slick and suited business men eating stacked gelato next to designer clad youths laughing over the best pizza in southern Italy, fresh from the wood-burning ovens.

The city sits on the edge of the Bay of Naples, featuring a skyline dominated by the silhouette of the still active volcano, Mount Vesuvius, which erupted in 79 AD, entombing the inhabitants and preserving the city of Pompeii. Few people visit the similarly preserved remains of Herculaneum, but don’t follow that trend as it is well worth the trip. Climb the well-trodden footpath to the crater of Vesuvius, where you can peek into the whirling ash clouds as well as take in the best views of the Bay of Naples from your great height. Also see the stunning island of nearby Capri for a slice of true paradise. The Bay of Naples has been a tourist resort since Roman times, as Cicero owned a villa in the area and Pliny sent his wife, Calpurnia there to relax. Follow suit on your Naples holiday and you’ll find it hard
to leave.

Beneath modern Naples, see the fascinating Graeco-Roman Naples; under the French Gothic church, San Lorenzo Maggiore, ancient streets and a bakery, winery and a laundry have been excavated. Naples is a pulsating city, just waiting to be uncovered by true Italy explorers on exciting Naples tours.

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