Holiday in Rome – Your guide to Rome, Italy


What to buy in Rome?

  1. Gourmet delights: Your foodie friends will adore the chocolates, liqueurs and limited-edition olive oils typical of Rome.
  2. Souvenir from the Vatican City: You don’t have to be catholic to appreciate the cultural significance of rosary beads from the religious capital of the world, the Vatican City.
  3. Street art: The streets of Rome boast hundreds of street artists; a watercolour or drawing that catches your eye makes a unique gift for art lovers.
  4. An everyday item from a supermarket packaged with Italian writing, like a tube of toothpaste or a magazine, makes a cheap, fun gift with a hint of culture!
  5. Italian silk scarves: Buy them from street stalls for a few euro, they come in every colour and are nice and light to pack for gifts.
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