Holiday in Rome – Your guide to Rome, Italy


What to see in Rome?

  1. The Colosseum: The greatest arena in the ancient world, it hosted 450 years of gladiators and games and is the most famous of Rome’s landmarks.
  2. The Vatican City: The capital of the Catholic world, the City is adorned with the masterpieces of Italy’s greatest artists.
  3. St Peters Basilica: At the centre of the Vatican City, St Peters is the largest church in the world.
  4. Spanish Steps: Overlooking the piazza, the Spanish Steps are the perfect spot to sit and soak up the atmosphere.
  5. Trevi Fountain: Don’t forget to throw a coin over your shoulder into the beautiful Trevi Fountain, as legend says it will ensure your return to Rome!
  6. Pantheon: Built more than 1900 years ago as a temple to the gods of Ancient Rome, the pantheon still stands
    remarkably intact.
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