Holiday in Venice – Your guide to Venice, Italy


What to eat in Venice?

Due to its location on the sea, traditional Venetian recipes are largely based on fish.

  1. Baccala’ Mantecata: A delicious Baltic codfish appetiser. The codfish is softened, dried and salted and prepared in olive oil, garlic and parsley before being creamed in a blender.
  2. Sarde in saor: Marinated Sardines, usually in onions and a sweet sauce, with pine nuts and raisins. Literally translated, the name means ‘sardines immersed in flavour’.
  3. Fritelle alla Veneziane: Venetians have remarkable expertise with pastries, and these sweet, fried donuts, considered the national dessert of Venice, are no exception.
  4. Risi e Bisi: A simple and delicious Venetian recipe, made from rice with peas and chunks of ham.
  5. Frutti di mare: Spaghetti made with fresh seafood, literally translated to ‘fruits of the sea’.
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