Holiday in Venice – Your guide to Venice, Italy


What to buy in Venice?

  1. Murano Glass: Glass from the island of Murano is one of the most beautiful artistic legacies of Venice, and the local specialty still lives on. You can acquire all sorts of unique Murano glass objects; from jewellery to vases, made lovingly by talented artisans.
  2. Watercolours and artwork: Beautiful paintings are abundant in Venice, you’re sure to find something special from a street artist
    or shop.
  3. Carnival masks: The Venice Carnival is an annual festival where masked people congregate in the streets. A carnival mask makes a great quirky and colourful gift.
  4. Burano lace: The Venetian island of Burano is famous for lace-making and is the oldest place for lace craftsmanship.
  5. Venetian puppets: Puppetry has always been popular in Italy, especially in Venice during the Carnival. Venetian puppets are ornate and beautifully crafted, making unique souvenirs or gifts.
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