Holiday in Omagh – Your guide to Omagh, Northern Ireland


Regional Information

Population: 25,000
Language: English and Irish Gaelic
Currency: Pound Sterling
Time Zone: UTC/GMT +0 hours


Omagh experiences mild weather and steady rainfall all year round. Summer (June – August) maximums average about 18°C (64°F) with overnight lows of around 11°C (52°F). The average minimum temperature in winter (December – February) is 2°C (35°F), which is relatively warm for Northern Ireland’s latitude, and daytime temperatures are usually around 7°C (44°F). The sunniest months to visit Omagh are May and June with an average of six hours sunshine a day.

Fascinating Facts

  1. The name Omagh comes from the Irish Ómaigh, meaning ‘the virgin plain’.
  2. Omagh was one of the first areas in Northern Ireland to transfer to broadband internet from dial-up connections.
  3. The actor Sam Neill was born in Omagh.
  4. Omagh once experienced the coldest air temperature ever recorded in Ireland, -19.4°C (-2.9°F).
  5. Each year in September, crowds flock to the Ulster American Folk Park for the Bluegrass Music Festival.
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