Holiday in Omagh – Your guide to Omagh, Northern Ireland


What to eat in Omagh

While Omagh food is becoming increasingly culturally diverse, you can still find traditional food of Northern Ireland at pubs and restaurants throughout the town. Some Northern Irish dishes to try in Omagh are:

  1. Farl: The Northern Irish term for flat bread, farl is a round bread or cake cut roughly into quarters to create a wedge shape. A farl can be either potato bread, served with breakfast or an oatcake/shortbread baked in this shape.
  2. Ardglass potted herring: This dish involves herring wrapped around onion, bay leaves and spices, then rolled in breadcrumbs and fried.
  3. Lough Neagh eel: At Halloween, Lough Neagh eel was traditionally fried in small cubes and served with a white onion sauce. It is also often smoked and served as a starter.
  4. Steak & Guinness pie: You’ll find this dish in most pubs across Northern Ireland as it is a local favourite. The meat is cooked with Guinness, giving it a rich and hearty flavour, then encased in puff pastry before baking.
  5. Oaten honeycomb: A steamed pudding, which uses porridge oats instead of flour, this delicious dessert is served with honey.
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