Holiday in Barcelona – Your guide to Barcelona, Spain


What to eat in Barcelona?

Spain is widely associated with a culture of eating and the food in Barcelona certainly reflects this. As a coastal city, fresh seafood dishes are common and rich vegetables abound.

  1. Pan Con Tomate: Fresh bread rubbed with tomatoes and drizzled with oil and salt. A simple yet delicious dish and a true Catalan favourite.
  2. Crema Catalana: A delicious lemon and cinnamon flavoured dessert, similar to a crème brulee, it is made with sugar and egg yolks and caramelised on the top.
  3. Esqueixada Catalana: A salad of raw salt cod (bacalao) with onions, peppers and tomatoes. Bacalao is very typical to the region.
  4. Escudella: A traditional Catalan stew made with meat, beans, potato and cabbage and eaten in three courses; a broth course, followed by the meat, followed by the vegetables.
  5. Fideuas: Similar to a paella, but made with short noodles instead of rice.
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