Holiday in Granada – Your guide to Granada, Spain


What to eat in Granada?

Food in Granada reflects traditional Arab influences, particularly in the use of spices in cooking. Interestingly, Granada is one of the only Spanish cities that still embrace a free-tapas culture.

  1. Ajo blanco: A popular chilled, almond-based soup.
  2. Olla de san Anton: A hearty stew made from broad beans, pig's ear, bacon and blood sausage.
  3. Papas a lo pobre: Seasoned potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and garlic cooked in olive oil.
  4. Plato alpujarreno: Potatoes fried with sausage, ham and topped with a fried egg.
  5. Torta de la Virgen: A local specialty cake made of sugar, cream or chocolate and traditionally eaten during festivities celebrating the city’s patron saint.
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