Holiday in Seville – Your guide to Seville, Spain


What to eat in Seville?

Sevillanos love their food. Typical dishes are simple and tasty; tapas in Seville are the cornerstone of eating. Be sure to sample some of the most popular Spanish tapas dishes during your holiday in Seville, washed down with a tall glass of sherry.

  1. Huevos a la Flamenca: fried egg in a tomato and Chorizo sauce.
  2. Caracoles: Snails in a garlic sauce.
  3. Jamon: A Spanish dry, cured ham.
  4. Pavias de Pescado: Marinated fish fried in olive-oil.
  5. Pestiños: A sesame flavoured dough fritter glazed with a coat of honey or sugar, traditionally eaten at Christmas but popular throughout the year.
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