Holiday in Valencia – Your guide to Valencia, Spain


Regional Information

Population: 798,033 (2011)
Language: Spanish
Currency: Euro
Time Zone: UTC/GMT +1 hour


The weather in Valencia is superb. Summers (June to September) are hot and dry, with temperatures averaging around 28°C (82°F). The warm weather continues into the night, with balmy evenings perfect for al fresco dining and outdoor entertainment. Winter in Valencia (November to February) brings maximum daytime temperatures of between 10 and 20°C (50 to 68°F). Spring is an ideal time to visit Valencia, with mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine.

Fascinating Facts

  1. Valencia is the birthplace of the famous and popular Spanish dish, paella.
  2. Valencia hosts an annual fiesta called Las Fellas, to celebrate the beginning of spring. The city is transformed into an open-air party for four days, with parades, music, food and fireworks.
  3. The Valencia orange is named after the sweet oranges famously produced in Valencia, Spain.
  4. An annual food fight festival called La Tomatina is held in the town of Bunol, near Valencia, during August. Thousands of people come from all over the world to throw tomatoes at each other in the world’s biggest food fight!
  5. Valencia is famous for a drink made from tiger nuts, called Horchata. The idea of using tiger nuts in a drink came from the period of Muslim presence in Valencia.
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