Holiday in Valencia – Your guide to Valencia, Spain


What to eat in Valencia?

Cooking in Valencia is known for using the freshest produce to create simple yet sensational dishes. As the birthplace of paella, the rich and flavourful rice dish is an absolute must-try.

  1. Paella Valenciana: Authentic paella is made with the freshest ingredients in a special iron pan on a wood fire, and traditionally eaten at midday.
  2. Arroz a banda: Rice dish cooked in fish stock to give it a distinctive flavour.
  3. Horchata: A local specialty, this drink looks like milk but is actually made from tiger nuts, water and sugar.
  4. Allioli: A sauce made with garlic and oil to accompany anything from meat to potatoes.
  5. All i pebre: Eels fried in oil, garlic and paprika.
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