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See the Grand Canyon in the United States wild west

Sewing together the plains of USA, the glaciers of Canada, the deserts of Mexico and the rainforests of Costa Rica is the United States of America; a fascinating continent which encompasses cosmopolitan cities, vastly contrasting terrains and a heady mix of cultures which visitors will certainly fall head over heels in love with.

USA is made up of 50 magnificent states, each one uniquely different to the next and filled to the brim with unique attractions to leave a lasting impression on your heart. You could admire the sweeping national parks of Alaska, stand before the Empire State Building, Times Square and Statue of Liberty in the city of New York, behold the might of the Mississippi River in New Orleans, Louisiana, or head to coveted California, which is a great place to start for an action-packed USA holiday.

From Yosemite National Park, Los Angeles’s Hollywood Walk of Fame and San Diego’s Old Town to Beverley Hills’s Sunset Boulevard and San Francisco with its iconic Golden Gate Bridge, California has it all. If you’d prefer to sample a more humble state, make your way to the heritage filled towns of Lynchburg, Williamsburg and Jamestown in Virginia, or visit Boston in Massachusetts to experience the esteemed Harvard University. For more American history visit Philadelphia in Pennsylvania to witness the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, and then head to Washington D.C to uncover ample monuments and memorials. Culture lovers should embrace Memphis and Nashville in Tennessee with their rich musical pasts, or if you favour the glitz of USA, rush to the ever glamorous Las Vegas in Nevada to hit the slots!

A USA tour isn’t just about big cities though, as nature aficionados will be keen to see Monument Valley stretch proudly across Arizona and Utah as well as the national parks of Montana and New Hampshire. Hawaii also offers striking natural delights, where you can enjoy the heavenly beaches of Honolulu, Kona and Waikiki. Embrace the Wild West in Texas and take in the stunning Portland coast and Ocean Drive in Newport, Oregon for more of nature’s greatest gifts. Many tourists visit USA solely to strand before the cooling spray of the impressive Niagara Falls too, which also borders Canada.

From glittering cities to sculpted canyon lands and everything in between, our USA holidays have an adventurous spirit and offer you the chance to embark on a new adventure to call your own.

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