Holiday in Los Angeles: Your guide to Los Angeles, California USA


What to eat in LA?

The local dishes of LA are influenced by the cuisine and culture of other countries so foods from all corners of the globe are readily available. Be sure to sample all the iconic local foods, from hot dogs and pizza to healthy macrobiotic delights.

  1. Noodle and sushi bars: There are plenty of these dotted around LA, perfect for a light, healthy lunch.
  2. Chilli dog: A hot dog topped with chilli con carne, cheese, onions and mustard.
  3. Tacos: A satisfying ‘cheap eat’ synonymous with the city of LA, tacos consist of a crispy shell filled with meat, cheese and salad.
  4. Iced tea: Sip on a refreshing iced tea with lemon as you wander the city, or go one step further and enjoy a famous LA Iced Tea cocktail.
  5. Cheesecake: As far as delicious desserts go, cheesecakes in LA are popular for a reason! You’ll find some of the best cheesecake you’ve ever tasted in LA.
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